O'Neill & Wean show in May

Billy and his pardner Dan Wean have a show in May in Chicago. Go see it! Read about the duo and their show here:

Holiday song, holiday music sale

Oh, hi!
So, ig from oh my god wrote a Christmas song and asked Abraham from Baby Teeth to sing on the track. We think it's an instant holiday classic that is destined to become a perennial. Please watch and share:

Also, oh my god is having a holiday sale: only $8.00 for each of oh my god's four remaining in-print albums on CD! This will last through 1/1/13. Please get some for you or those who should have these albums but, for some reason, don't:

We love you and hope to see you in 2013,
o.m. god

Kid can talk...

An enjoyable audio interview I did yesterday with the illustrious Casey Meehan of Chicago Mixtape in advance of oh my god's ultra-rare original-trio show this Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at Green Music Fest in Chicago!:

Two shows now (original trio!)...more on the way?

See the ig-Bish-Billy trio on tour for the first time since 2005!
At Mac's Bar in Lansing (18 & up), with Plurals and Amy Gore of Gore Gore Girls: this Friday night, June 22, 2012. RSVP on Facebook here.
At Green Music Fest in Chicago (Damen between North & Schiller) this Sunday at
 4:30 p.m. All ages.

These are very meaningful reunion shows for us, and we'll be playing early songs we haven't visited in a long time, so please come and tell others! We're figuring out now if a fall tour is in order, but these shows are all we have that's official at the moment.

In the meantime, hear a previously unreleased oh my god song (from the Night Undoes the Work of the Day sessions) on this week's Chicago Mixtape! This expires in a week, so go there now!

See you?,
o.m. god.

shows, albums, cannellini beans

Two oh my god shows only (both featuring the ig-bish-billy trio lineup for the first time since 2005!):

Fri. June 22, Mac's, Lansing, MI. With Plurals and Amy Gore & Her Valentines (of Gore Gore Girls). 18 & up. RSVP on Facebook here.

Sun. June 24: Green Music Fest, Chicago (also: Dinosaur Jr., Raveonettes, Passafire, Hey Rosetta and more). oh my god at 4:30 p.m.

Also, we now are selling our two most recent albums, right here on our own website (this wasn't the case before). Find Fools Want Noise and The Night Undoes the Work of the Day, plus all our others, here.

Those are our only shows 'til possibly more late in the fall, so come on...these are gonna be special...

oh my god & Mr. John Martyn

All About Jazz reviewed the new John Martyn tribute 2-CD set that we're on (along with Beck, Robert Smith, Snow Patrol, Vetiver, Swell Season, Vashti Bunyan, Phil Collins, Morcheeba...). We get a really nice mention. Look and see:
Rolling Stone did a really nice review, too. You must listen to that beautiful Robert Smith track.

Billy, ig and previously unreleased oh my god

Oh hi!
Billy is back on dry land after sailing since December. You will find him somewhere within the correctional program of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ig has just posted his own website: www.johnnyiguana.com. It features lots of 2011 music Ig has recorded (including this) and is hosted by The Creature from the Black Lagoon in a keyboard tie. It  contains, for a limited time, an unreleased song from oh my god's "The Night Undoes the Work of the Day" sessions called "Say Goodbye." Yes, this song IS utterly charming--thank you for asking, dearie! Please visit this beautiful-looking site, which goes way beyond shameless self-promotion. This is bordering on impudent. You'll find ig's international travel schedule, boastful discography, ghost-written autobiography and more! Leave him a mouthy note on his blog page.

We hope you have an easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl kind of a summer.
We'll return with more oh my god news before too long.

Stuff, and things

Oh, hi!

So, Billy is still on that boat with Captain USA. "Late March" return has turned into June or later.

While we figure out our next plot device, please help us out with this:

We have way too many CD copies of our vintage classics "The Action Album!" and "Interrogations & Confessions." So we have cut their price in half and are offering original copies for a pittance. Please go to our merch page and buy several for yourself and others (it's pretty much three copies for the price of a store-bought CD...if you can find a CD in a store, that is). This is a web-only deal and will only last 'til we climb into Doris II and hit the road again. "Act now," they used to exhort at this stage.


Collector's note: these are the in-store editions of "Interrogations & Confessions," the ones with Billy painted in black and hoisting the bass on the cover. It's got a slightly different song sequence and a slightly bassier mix of "Torture" on it than the other edition that was sold only at shows.


Once Billy alights on land and dries himself off with a towel, we'll figure out what's next. In the meantime, rock or at least roll your way through a sublime summer,

oh my god

Where's Billy?

Billy has joined a great friend of the oh my god band, Cactus Jim (as we call him) on a swashbuckling sailboat adventure (just the two of them), from Florida past Cuba through the Panama Canal and up the California coast. They will be gone at least through late March. They'll be updating us all via www.sevenseasdream.com. Go there, watch and cross your fingers...

You may have the single. She is yours.

Here is your free download of My Own Adventure

The latest album: she is obtainable

Go to Split Red Records to get oh my god's two most recent albums on CD: "The Night Undoes the Work of the Day" and "Fools Want Noise."

Go to iTunes to download "The Night Undoes the Work of the Day" (as well as "Fools Want Noise", "Interrogations & Confessions" and "The Action Album")

Visit the "Mr. Merch" page on the site you're already on to get previous oh my god albums plus DVDs, couture and the like...